Rectangle tray set philippine wood components
Code: K430
Name: Rectangle tray set of 3
Description: Acacia + Rattan

round bowl philippine novelty wood crafts
Code: K435
Name: Round bowl
Description: Acacia Wood
Size/cm: d:20 h:7
Tripod bowl fruit tray small
Code: K438
Name: Tripod bowl fruit tray small
Description: Kalantas Wood
Size/cm: d:23 h:24
round bowl tray knitted black
Code: K442
Name: Round bowl tray knitted black
Acacia wood
Size/cm: d:30 h:8
mug face
Code: K444
Name: Mug face
Acacia wood
Size/cm: d:9 h:11
Fancy round med philippine gift items
Code: K431
Name: Fancy round med.
Description: Acacia wood
Size/cm: d:15 h:8
round bowl small philippine ethnic products
Code: K436
Name: Round bowl small
Description: Acacia Wood
Size/cm: d:13,5 h:6
Rectangle dish carving table service
Code: K439
Name: Rectangle dish
Acacia wood
Size/cm: l:26 lg:12,5 h:2,5
lizard flat dish knitted black
Code: K443
Name: Lizard flat dish knitted black
Acacia wood
Size/cm: d:38
Oval tray knitted black set
Code: K448
Name: Oval tray knitted black set
Acacia + rattan



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