One of the natural materials that is used to make fashion jewelry and accessories is wood. Wood are made into components called wood components and combined with other components such as shell and coco to make a unique body jewelry design. Wood components have different design, shape, color, size and wood materials. The natural materials that is use to make wood components are robles wood, patikan, bayong-bayong, palmwood, bayong, kamagong, madre de cacao, callar, mentos and many more. The shapes of the wood components that are used to make wood fashion jewelry and accessories are wood saucer, rectangular chunks, wood beads, banana design, wood teardrop, wood tube, flat round, flat oval, dice, wood capsule side drill, wood twist, peanut kisses, triangular nugget, flat square, wood crazy cut, hotdog design, wood slide cut and melon cut, wood diamond and etc.

Jumbo Pacific have natural wood fashion jewelry design such as wood necklace, wood bracelet, wood bangles, wood earrings and wood body jewelry. These wood fashion jewelry and accessories are made from different shapes, size, color and design of wood components that combined with shell components, coco components, resin, metal and etc. Our wood fashion jewelry and accessories are hand made by our fashion designers in good quality with unique designs to fit your taste in your every fashion needs.

In this gallery, you will see our hottest wood jewelry necklaces called cloth wrapped wood necklace collection. These necklaces are handcrafted and designed by our finest fashion designers. The selected wood components are wrapped with cloth and combined with other components such as coco and shells components to make this beautiful handmade wood fashion jewelry necklaces. Please browse to our selection of cloth wrapped wood necklace collection.
JCP825 Special wood necklace with cloth wrapped fashion jewelry
Product Code: JCP825
Description: Necklace 27" in 4-5mm coco pukalet black, horn stick 1/2", 20mm robles2x wood beads w/ groove, voluta shell manol, wood saucer 23x25 w/ groove super bleach, landsnail 25x33mm, 20mm cloth wrapping beads, palmwood rounded square 31x32mm, lampwork leaf brown, and 30mm cloth wrapping flat round.
JCP869 Wood jewelry Philippine cloth wrapped necklace
Product Code: JCP869
Description: Necklace 18" in satin ribbon 1/2" black, wood mentos 10x15mm black, 15mm coco pukalet black with splashing light blue, wood mentos 10x15mm cloth wrapping and patikan wood saucer 10x15mm.
JEN813 Endless necklace handmade Philippine wood products
Product Code: JEN813
Description: Endless Necklace 38" in 3mm glass beads black, 8mm coco pukalet super bleach and natural brown, 2-3mm coco beads antique brown, super bleach and black, conus head 15mm, 20mm cloth beads and conus rectangle 15x30mm.
JEN831 Philippine necklace with wood design jewelry
Product Code: JEN831




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