Handcrafted fashion jewelry and accessories Philippine wood necklace with the latest design for your fashion needs. Our wood necklace collection is cloth wrapped wood necklace jewelry that is uniquely designed by our fashion designers. The collection of cloth wrapped wood necklace has many different and unique designs to choose from to match your taste.
JWN842 hand made Philippine product for export
Product Code: JWN842
Description: Necklace 30" in 6mm bayong2x wood beads, horn stick 1/2", wood saturn 10x15mm super bleach, landsnail oval akob 20x28mm, 20mm robles2x wood beads with groove, 20mm cloth beads & landsnail rec. 18x32mm.
JWN844 handcrafted wood necklace in top quality
Product Code: JWN844
Description: Necklace 30" in 10mm coco pukalet black, wood mentos 10x15mm black, 8x20mm cloth wrapping mentos, bamboo lesway 15x50mm, wood mentos 10x25mm silver, 35x35mm cloth wrapping diamond, 25mm palmwood beads & 20mm cloth wrapping beads
JWN852 Cebu Philippines naural wood necklace collection
Product Code: JWN852
Description: Necklace 28" in 8mm coco pukalet black, 6mmsilver coated pukalet, 10x16mm, 8x20mm & 8x25mm wood mentos black & gray and wood mentos cloth wrapping 8x25mm.
JWN862 Wood necklace fashion jewelry and accessories
Product Code: JWN862
Description: Necklace 36" in 4mm glass beads clear brown, 4-5mm coco pukalet natural brown, 8mm patikan wood beads, golden horn square cut, 15mm coco pukalet nat. brown, lampwork beads brown, kabebe shell square cut and 20mm cloth wrapping beads




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